is a cutting edge tool developed to help busy moms and dads organize their kids' lives as well as their own. From managing classroom activities, school parties, sporting events, and snack schedules, to simply volunteering to help out, ManagerMom does it all. READ MORE...

Manager Mom allows you to make time for what really matters!

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"With three kids, all in many activities and classes, I had a hard time keeping up with their schedules until I started using Manager Mom. Now everything is organized, and I receive alerts when I need to bring something in to a class or attend an event."
"Manager Mom helped me organize all the daily emails I would get from teachers, room moms, coaches, PTA, etc. Now I no longer get bogged down with numerous “reply all” emails!"
"I love that I can manage my kids’ lives from one central location. I do volunteer, but communicating with parents can be cumbersome. Manager Mom takes care of it all for me!"
"I use the Manager Mom calendar for me and my kids. It helps me organize my whole family. I haven’t missed an appointment or event since using Manager Mom."
"I signed up to be soccer mom and can’t believe how easy it has made my job. Manager Mom gives alerts to my team parents, helps me set up a snack schedule, plan the end-of-the-season party, and get the coaches gifts."
"Manager Mom has been so helpful in the organization of our school’s Silent Auction. I have been able to communicate with all the room moms and get more volunteers. The room moms can simply check-in on the site instead of a constant back and forth of emails. I love how easy it has made everything."